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Avail a reliable range of Gps Tracking Devices, Vehicle Gps Tracker System, Vehicle Gps Tracking System, Software, Gps Tracking Devices, CCTV Camera, etc., from us.
About Us- Welcome To Our Company

Our name 'Precise Telematics & Ventures LLP' is what comes to the mind of clients when they are in need of tracking solutions. Our advanced technology offerings are absolutely innovative, these are highly reliable and attracts numerous customers in the market. Our tracking solutions have been installed in over 10,000 vehicles now. We have more than a 100 partners across 50 cities. Our offered Vehicle Trackers, Gps Tracking Device, Vehicle Gps Tracking System, GPS Devices, GPS Kids Phones, etc., are appreciated in automobile industry and many other application areas owing to reliable and durable programming. These and all our other products like Software, Bio Metric Machines, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV Cameras, etc, are offered to clients under the ISO certified brand name 'GPSwale'. All of our offerings are quality accredited and are famous in the domain for light weight as well as water resistance. Affordable prices also make these famous in IT sector and many other domains. Being a responsible wholesaler and trader, we ensure that all of these offerings are sourced from reliable vendors in order to confirm operational efficiency and quality. 
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Owing to this, we have earned a huge client base, including names like:

  • Eicher
  • Prem Henna
  • Maharashtra Police
  • MAN
  • Crop Chemicals
  • Queens College Indore
  • Bhagirath Brothers
  • Mumbai Traffic Police
  • Maharashtra Forest Department

Company Certificates

Our company has been performing marvelously since our incorporation back in 2017. Over the period of our operation, our excellent performance has earned us numerous certificates in this competitive market. The treasure of our company is the ISO 9001:2015 certification that we received for our incredible quality management system. Further, we also have a registered trademark '' as a MSME company.

Key Features of Our Tracking Systems

Our carefully designed tracking systems provides right information to the right people and at the right time. The salient features which makes our systems superior than the others available in the market are:

  • Indigenous Mobile App- For saving the previous time of the users, we have developed Mobile App along with the conventional Web Ul. People who are using smart phones (Android, IOS and Windows) can easily download our App in free of cost and start their work anytime & anywhere.
  • UL for all Key Players- We have introduced user friendly interfaces for three layers of long haul business like Consignor, Consignee and Forwarder, a comprehensive package than can be customized as per the users. Therefore, every individual in this chain can utilize the benefits of our solutions.
  • Auto Monitoring- Through our advance tracking systems, one can monitor all the fleet vehicles 24/7 as their status updated automatically. Unlike other fleet solutions, our solutions do not require manual updations as they automatically update the systems which in turn relieves the users from inconveniences.
  • Flexibility of Data Input- Time is the most precious thing for everyone and we don't want that the users waste their time in learning new data input methods. Hence, our company supports various forms of data input such as manual web form entries and excel application. Through ERP integration, faster data transfer is possible even for critical fleets with numerous origins and destinations.
  • Conformity and Compliance Status Reports- User specific reports help the users in landing to the relevant information without going through loads of irrelevant data. Our solutions include a wide range of conformity and compliance reports that are segregated into Plant, State and Corporate logistics which assist the users in managing their part in the chain.
  • Proactive Analytics- Through our compliance and conformity reports, the senior management quickly monitor and correct the flaws exist in the process corporate logistics. 

Pillars of GPSwale- Our Team Members

Every employee of our company is like a strong pillar to our company. They keep us standing tall and firm in the market along with continuously helping us in fighting the uncertainties of business environment. Our team of experts includes some talented names like:

  • Mr. Narendra Chordia (Partner): He is a skilled man, has been running a medical wholesale business successfully. He has contacts with the best dealers of the 4 major districts of Rajasthan. His accomplishments in the domain are countless, he is a working secretary of Suryanand Nagar Jain Mandir. Further, he also pose as the chairman of Jain Social Group for Banswara. His name is respected in numerous clubs such as Mahaveer International Club, Lion Club, etc. 
  • Mr. Kartik chordia (Designated Partner): Belonging to the Banswara (Rajasthan), he had a very humble beginning. He was very passionate, after passing his 12th exams, he decided to pursue the studies of Chartered Accounting from Indore. It was a great turning point, when he started a small business by the name of Precise Telematics and Ventures LLP which was established by a brand name His passion for GPS Tracking System, software solution and CCTV & Bio-metric hardware made him start such a business. With his passion, he has made it a recognized name in India and plans to make it the leading name nationwide. 
  • Mr. Nikhil Rajput: He is a precious part of our company. He work in the technical team working area as a technical support personnel. He performs all the duties of a back office manger and coordinates the overall work of the space with dedication. 
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